Danny’s Soapbox

Once upon a time, an in house recruitment function was nothing more than a CV shuffling admin team…

So my story goes something like this…

Whether you work in FMCG, digital, financial services, engineering, retail, IT, whatever….we all have the same challenge:

To find the best talent (not just available), in the quickest, most cost effective way whilst providing an exceptional candidate experience.

Oh, but there is a skill shortage in our sector (yawn), oh but we are in a difficult geography (yawn). We’ve heard it all before. Boil it down and there is one thing that would solve 99.9% of all recruitment challenges.

That one thing is ‘time’.

Give your recruitment function more time and they can do the job they are employed to do far better.

Spend quality time in the briefing process to understand the vacancy requirement,

Spend quality time constructing well written job adverts, spend quality time using all the great sourcing techniques you invested in to scour the market,

Spend quality time engaging with key talent, selling the great stories you’ve created, spend quality time on the selection process and give candidates a quality on-boarding experience.

Thumbs up! It’s that simple folks. You need more time to do it all.

Creating more time isn’t easy though. So we decided we would do it for you.

Yep. We’ve spent the last 5 years solving these issues for you.

We’ve created a special bit of kit that will provide your recruitment function with every role they will be recruiting for in the next 6-18months, broken down by job title, location, salary and so on. Giving them more time to do all the above.

All done for you.

You’re welcome


(PS – read Kraig’s Bio too, his is a bit more highbrow and subtle)

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