Kraig’s Soapbox

Once upon a time, an in house recruitment function was nothing more than a CV shuffling admin team…

Having worked in resourcing (or “Talent Acquisition”) for more than a decade, I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of the transformation of resourcing from being an administration centre, to a talent acquisition specialism.

It’s not been an easy journey, and as an industry we are certainly nowhere near perfect yet!

From the offices and corridors of numerous large, complex organisations across multiple sectors, I’ve seen the same challenges and the same blockages time and again.

The same desire to be taken seriously as a function and prove our ability to drive success for our organisations.

Alas though, more often than not, resourcing is the poor relation to HR and is at the wrong end of the transactor – partner continuum.

Resourcing has always “reacted” obediently to the needs of the business, always bent over backwards to deliver as best it can in challenging environments.

It dares to believe there must be a better way, and even allows itself the occasional luxury to hypothesise about “proactive recruitment” as the utopia to strive for.

Yet the sad irony is that, as an industry we have the power to achieve pro activity, but we don’t really try. We have historically been more interested in doing the “best with what we’ve got,” rather than taking a step back and redefining what WE need to truly add VALUE to our business.

This is the very reason Foresight was born.

If Foresight had a mission statement it would be to:

“empower resourcing functions to take the lead and drive excellence within their business.”

We need to collectively take a leap forward in maturity as a function and close the gap on our siblings in Finance, IT, Supply Chain, Marketing and so on.

How do we do this?

By redefining the relationship between resourcing and the business.

By not accepting whatever is thrown at us and by respectfully and firmly setting out our expectations with our businesses about what we require in order to deliver excellence.

Ultimately  we are a delivery function; nothing wrong with that, and our commodity is talent. Yet we cannot manufacture talent, we must source it.

Sourcing talent takes time, often lots of time. So if we are to truly get better at delivering talent when the business needs it, we need to create an environment whereby we have more time to find it.

This environment is achieved through forecasting demand, and our opportunity to take ownership and drive the strategic value of resourcing is huge.

Literally huge.

Personally, I have believed this for years and have been on a journey of my own to improve this within my previous organisations. A journey that has led me to Foresight. A journey that Danny and I want to continue with professionals across the industry, so that we can collectively put resourcing on the map within every organisation!

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